with the pen name of Hubshey D. Rogers. My first book  is ” Caterpillar” available on Amazon.com

This book is a philosophical journey Zarathustra, from Nietzsche’s ” Thus spoke Zarathustra” undertakes in the Muslim World. His journey begins with his encounter with Malik Taus or the fallen angel. After a conversation with the fallen angel he travels through various time periods. He visits a ship traveling from Europe to her colonies. Disappointed with the notion of a single nation trying to dominate other nationalities he gets off the ship and travels deep into the desert. His travels take him back in time to when a new message was sent from God and a new movement of human reform was taking place. He encounters an important religious figure and converses in detail about the utility and need for yet another new religion. He then finds himself traveling forward in time to the great open plains of Eurasia where this new religion from the desert is being practiced. There is talk of reform in the market places of Kashagar. The need to build a new world and find a lost vision. Worship of Allah by understanding the ways of the universe. This book brings out the experiences of Zarathustra; from moving on beyond Man’s original fall to experiencing the seeds of a new Dervish being sown.

At the end of the Book there are pages handwritten in Urdu Calligraphy. Not essential to the plot but a supplement for those who can read the language. I have always felt through my life experiences that a lot is lost in translation. This has especially true of literature pertaining to the Muslim world. Anything written in the English language by default is seen with suspicion. I do not blame them.

I designed the cover of my book with the Latin inscription “Pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli” (literally, “According to the capabilities of the reader, books have their destiny”).  I came across this inscription through Thomas Mann’s ” Joseph and his Brothers”. It reminded me, for reasons still unclear to me, of the opening of a chapter in the Quran entitled ” The Pen”. The meaning of which is “N. By the pen and that which they write.” This is the calligraphy I have dared to use as the back cover of my book. It served me well as the supplemental Urdu portion of the book is at the end; And like Arabic Urdu is also written right to left, and the back cover of an English book is the front cover of an Urdu book.

I believe if we take that extra effort, which has become so easy in this day and age, to not be predisposed to misinterpretation and be less dogmatic, we’ll reach to a simple conclusion. We have become closer than ever before; closer to making a beautiful world.

I have started working on my next work titled ” Dreams in American”.

May be with a predisposition to titles and themes like this I am trying to find myself more than anything else. It has long been observed that the birth of new languages takes place more readily when different peoples come together. I have often wondered why is it that English in America has not changed as much as one would expect. Even in Louisiana and Florida it is English that is spoken. True we call it American English but still no new language has come about by such a diverse amalgamation of nations as we see in our America. There is English spoken by Blacks, and then there are minor variants spoken by minorities but it is still English. You can call it Spanglish if you wish. However, if someone from 17th century England were to travel to present day America he would be linguistically more comfortable here than in any of Her other colonies. We hold the highest ideals of equality and our founding fathers were the biggest rebels the world has ever seen. Yet, is it possible that our journey of the American dream is lacking? Especially in terms of developing a more distinct culture. Could this be a reason for the divisiveness we have not been able to overcome? A culture to represent the future of Man. A happy future the world is already so close to.

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